Gertie Whitfield’s work with schools

Gertie Whitfield of Whitworks,  a former teacher and drama advisor, has used local research material to create teaching packages for both primary and secondary age children. She has successfully piloted both of these in local schools, Grassmoor Primary School with Year 5 pupils, and Dronfield Secondary  School with Year 9 pupils.  She has received excellent  reviews from both children and teachers. These are a few of the comments made by children:

“It has been very interesting to find out about war stories that are not super well known and I liked looking at the documents.”

“Well liked it because it was a mix between drama and history and we were independent and made our own speech. Thank you.”

“It was not your original stereotypical approach to war – it was more – it helped us learn about war.”

“Really interesting. Leant lots of new, interesting things. Fun activities to keep us interested.  Interactive. Nice to do something different than writing. Challenged us to be creative. Overall very enjoyable.”

“It was very interesting seeing real documents from the war. It was a good way of teaching the class and getting everyone involved.”

Please use the following links to see Gertie’s work in detail.

July 2015 Final Secondary Lesson Scheme

Primary Cof C final (2)

Contact Gertie Whitfield :  

0750 471 3427


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