End of Project Special Event

CofC exhibition at Chesterfield Library

Courage of Conscience

Feedback comments on final event on 23rd June 2016


  • An enjoyable and informative mix of speakers and performers – very moving. Well done.
  • Fantastic – well done everyone – the writing and performances were wonderful.
  • Really fantastic project brought to life by the children’s performance, the writers and absolutely everyone involved in the project. A superb effort – well done to all.
  • The evening provided some interesting alternative perspectives which are important for children to hear.
  • It’s been a brilliant evening. Didn’t realise every country wanted an end to war. Also there were so many COs – 2 in our village – and nothing of their lives was passed down through the years.
  • I found the evening terrific. It was very informative and very humbling. More of this side of wars need to be taught to our young people in schools.
  • Good work. Very refreshing.
  • The play was superb. It should be shown in schools across the country.
  • Very informative evening with some inspiring talents.
  • Excellent show. Last talk a bit long.
  • Powerful event. Exhibition great and informative. All Saints School pupils very professional performers. Thanks to all who did the work.
  • Interested to learn about the widescale opposition and protest against the war.
  • Thank you for enlightening me about our true heroines and history. The children were amazing and Chris’s talk most interesting. The music and poetry complimented the evening.
  • The local human stories were powerful and moving – inspiring stuff. Thanks
  • The children of All Saints Junior Matlock were fabulous, especially the Master of Ceremonies.
  • I’m extremely glad that information is going out to schools. Very impressed with the overall presentation. Thank you
  • I especially enjoyed the talk by the person from York. The children’s performance was very good, and very moving. I enjoyed the young writers readings.
  • Great night, very informative on aspects I was not aware of. Excellent show/ performance from all especially All Saints.
  • Great
  • The conscientious objectors were true heroes who suffered persecution for opposing this murderous, evil, pointless war. Good effort by all involved especially the kids in the play.
  • A wonderful evening. It had a banjo. There are never enough banjos,
  • A really good atmosphere in a supportive community, reflecting the interest in the research done. Extensive exhibition and glad to hear it is going on tour and available in Derbyshire. Great creative selection, play by 10-11 years, writings and readings + music. A really varied and thought provoking evening. Thank you!
  • Thank you. Great performances by the children!
  • Moved to tears by the school piece. What powerful lines of history. Let’s learn them and keep telling.
  • A very moving, informative evening. The children’s play was beyond words. Very well done!
  • An excellent evening, so many stories told, thought provoking. The children’s drama was brilliant!!
  • Some excellent work and a very inspiring evening in conclusion of it.
  • Exhibition excellent. Drama from the young people was very moving and very well done. Interesting perspective on the ‘end of the war’.
  • Well done. Learnt more than expected. Thanks
  • Fantastic school performance and great school resource. Excellent well designed display. Speaker too full of
  • I knew there was opposition to the war but not on the scale described!
  • Thanks for a truly entertaining evening – much to think about!
  • I found the evening terrific. It was very informative and very humbling. More of this side of wars need to be taught to our young people in schools.
  • A great project to be involved in, and an interesting and varied evening. The children’s performance and music was fantastic.
  • I particularly enjoyed the children’s performance and music. A lovely evening.
  • All Saints were good. The flute playing was amazing. Brilliant production by the school children.


Children’s feedback

  • I have liked doing all the drama and I have learnt a lot about conscientious objectors.
  • It was so good and I loved performing. YAY Thank you sooo much.
  • It was very good and interesting. I enjoy history at school and I love learning more which I have.
  • I enjoyed performing in front of so many people and the MAYOR yes the MAYOR. It was very good.
  • I loved performing. THANK YOU! Thank you for listening.


Teacher’s feedback

  • Gertie’s pack was a great starting point. My year 4/5 really found learning about WW1 very interesting
  • So proud of all my All Saint’s pupils – thank you so much to Gertie Whitfield for giving them the opportunity. Superb young writers – love the book too. Thank you very much!
  • Would love to arrange for the exhibition to come into All Saints School.



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