Courage of Conscience Derbyshire Exhibition tour 2016-18

If there are any queries please contact

Sue Owen on 01144381074 or 07768927669 or email

Month Venue Contact number

July 2016


Chesterfield Library


August 2016


Shirebrook Library


September 2016


Glossop Library


November 2016


Buxton Library


December 2016


Friends Meeting House, Chesterfield


January 2017


Crooked Spire, Chesterfield


February 2017


Newbold Library


01629 537570


March 2017


Heanor Library


01629 533795


April 2017


South Normanton Library


01629 535000


May 2017


Swadlincote Library


01629 533013


June 2017


Eckington Library


01629 533748


July 2017


Dronfield Library


01629 533450


August 2017


Long Eaton Library


01629 531470


September 2017


All Saints Junior School, Matlock


01629 583949


October 2017

Derbyshire and Derby School Library Service  

01332 371921


November 2017


Ripley Library


01629 532982


December 2017


January 2018


Alfreton Library


01629 531481


February 2018


Staveley Library


01629 533629


March 2018


Ashbourne Library


01629 533950


April 2018


Ilkeston Library


01629 533275


CoC Poster

From 3rd October

Courage of Conscience: Uncovering WW1’s Hidden Stories 
Volunteers (16-30 years old) needed for a Heritage Lottery-funded project until early / mid June 2016 creating stories, poetry and drama about Derbyshire’s conscientious objectors and the communities who resisted and questioned war a century ago. Free monthly writing workshops. The work produced may be included in a booklet and performed at an event in June 2016. Free workshops led by River Wolton, assisted by young writers Katherine Robinson and Matthew Knighton. Location: Chesterfield Library  Opening workshop: 3rd October 2015 11am – 3pm


Saturday October 10th 6pm at Open House at The FRIENDS MEETING HOUSE 27 Ashgate Rd S40 4AG
Performance of a play FOR CONSCIENCE SAKE. (more information below)
Saturday 14th November 11.0am to 2.0pm Chesterfield Museum and Art Gallery WRITTEN IN STONE film and performance of commemorative anthem. The Pomegranate Youth Theatre have researched the heritage and history of local war memorials. This has led to performances and music which will be shared on the day. 
FOR CONSCIENCE SAKE, a new play by Plain Quakers, explores the choices faced by conscientious objectors in World War One against the backdrop of growing militarisation today. 

When Morris, would-be thespian and seasoned curmudgeon, tries to unravel the story of his grandfather’s heroic exploits in the Great War, he is faced with a surprise. His unlikely buddy, Albert, unsuccessful author and Quaker enthusiast, attempts to ease the pain by arguing that we should remember the bravery of more than 16,000 conscientious objectors who resisted conscription in ‘the war to end all wars’. If more had done the same perhaps millions of lives could have been saved. Unconvinced, Morris stubbornly defends what his grandfather did for King and Country, until Albert unearths documents in Huddersfield that reveal a disturbing truth . . . 

The play commemorates the opposition of Quakers and others to the introduction of conscription in 1916. The Quaker response at the start of World War One was mixed. It is well known that Friends were divided on the question of war service. A number of young Quakers joined up but the Friends Ambulance Unit, formed in 1914 provided opportunities for non-combatant service. In Huddersfield there was fierce opposition to the war among radical groups and when the Military Service Act became law, many young men declared themselves unwilling to fight on conscientious grounds. 

Plain Quakers theatre projects is a theatrical partnership founded 

in 2007 by Arthur Pritchard and Mike Casey. Using simple story-telling theatre and minimal resources, we aim to raise awareness of Quaker concerns and traditions through plays that are relevant and accessible, and that encourage an active engagement with Quaker testimonies on peace, simplicity, and ethical living,in the context of contemporary global capitalism. 


Twitter: @PlainQuakers 



The Courage of Conscience meeting with Cyril Pearce, about Conscientious Objectors in 1st World War, that was previously cancelled due to bad weather, has now been re-arranged to take place on

Chesterfield Library Lecture Theatre
from 1pm – 3.30pm

Cyril Pearce, retired lecturer from Leeds University and leading authority on First World War Conscientious Objectors, will speak about his extensive research and how to explore local resources for more information. He is the author of “Comrades in Conscience”, has compiled a database of Conscientious Objectors, and will explain how to use it.

Everyone is welcome.
Admission free


Saturday 17 January 2015, 1pm  at Chesterfield Library Cyril Pearce, retired lecturer from Leeds University and authority on First World War conscientious objectors, will speak about his extensive research and how to explore local resources for more information. He is the author of “Comrades in Conscience” and has compiled a database of Conscientious Objectors, which he will explain. All welcome.


Saturday 29 November 2014,  7pm, Chesterfield Labour club.  Ben Copsey, Project Officer at the Peace Pledge Union, will talk about George Benson and others imprisoned for their stand, whose stories are held in the records of the Peace Pledge Union. Everyone is welcome to attend.




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