ProPeace Chesterfield wish to thank the following people for their contributions, advice and encouragement  throughout the Courage of Conscience project.

The project could not have been completed, or have achieved so much without the huge commitment and generosity  of time and expertise given.


 Cyril Pearce ~ Chris Fuller ~  Gertie Whitfield ~ River Wolton ~  Ali Betteridge ~ Glynn Wilton~Sue Owen ~ Jeannie Robinson ~ Hilary cave ~ Lynn Pardo ~ Lesley Mathews ~ Moyra Jean ~Matthew Knighton ~ Sara Moon ~ Katherine Robinson ~ Vicky Morris ~


Propeace Chesterfield also wish to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund for their support which enabled  the project to take place


Finally, Propeace Chesterfield wish to thank the brave men and women of Derbyshire who chose to stand for PEACE in the face of war , often at great hardship to themselves.

We REMEMBER them and we THANK them for their COURAGE OF CONSCIENCE . 





Last thin pull up - ProPeace white poppy wreath